How often do you lubricate your tackle?

It’s not what you were thinking, I’m talking about Lifting Tackle! This article explains how to correctly lubricate a chain block load chain.

The most common cause of rust and wear; Incorrect lubrication…

One of the most common problems that I see when people return chain blocks after a short time period is a dry load chain. A dry load chain that has been neglected from lubrication can cause more problems than most will imagine such as rusting and weakening of the load chain and internal components such as the chain guide and chain wheel causing avoidable replacements of vital components or worse, a new chain block, this could put you out of time and money and probably less than £3 could save you all the hassle.

Signs of incorrect or lack of lubrication can be creaking of the load chain when it is running over the lift wheel. In fact what you are really hearing is the load chain wearing its self out every time you use the hoist by friction welding the chain links together and breaking the weld due to the lack of lubricant between links.

Rusty Load Chain

Lubricate before it’s too late! The early signs of a neglected load chain.

types of lubrication; there are many different kinds on the market, many manufacturers will suggest alternative products to suit their chain blocks. The key is to ensure your lubricant contains an “EP” additive to make the lube suitable for extreme pressure. Without EP you will be unable to keep lubricant between links under full load.

Ideal methods of lubrication can vary from rigger to rigger however my chosen method is to drop the whole load chain into a bucket and pour over the lubricant (no need to have the chain swimming in it, just enough to evenly cover). Move the chain around to work the lubricant in between every link. Some people like to spray it straight on while the block is hanging upright but that doesn’t always get between all the links. After applying the lubricant hang the block upright and let it drip dry, save as much lubricant as you can and use it on your next block. Take a rag and remove any excess oil, when the block is upright hanging you will be unable to remove oil from between the links with this process.

Correct lubrication of the load chain on every chain block is necessary to prolong the life of your chain block for years as opposed to months, especially when used outdoors.

I hope this article has been beneficial to many and will help you keep your equipment in safe working order saving you time and money…something for free! Please follow the links to view products for sale.

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