Back to Business…

Wow, the last few weeks have been mega! We have hit new records in sales, company growth is expanding and we should have some very exciting news to reveal that will be discussed in a meeting tomorrow morning! -Hope to let you know soon…

We have recently gained excellent partners in the freight forwarding and deep sea shipping industries enabling us to provide excellent rates for export shipping. Another advantage is our local suppliers in the area enabling us to keep costs low when exporting as we do not have to get products shipped from all over the country in order to pack as one consignment. We are also now handling export paper work such as certificates of origin, customs clearance and insurance so the only thing you have to do is order the goods, sit back and relax!

This weeks we have just hooked up (pardon the pun) the UK’s biggest bill board company with 12 Lodestar three phase electric chain hoists to rig their bill boards. -More to come when the hoists have been delivered.

I was on a call with some of my connections in the industry and the feeling was mutual, the past month has been big on material handling equipment. We have recently started supplying Drum Handling Equipment such as DRUM STACKERS, DRUM LIFTERS, HYDRAULIC DRUM TRUCKS and more- click the links to check out our vast range. We have a model to suit most applications. The company have recently been working on a custom built requirement for a good customer out in Saudi Arabia designed and built in the UK to last 25+ years!

Yesterday we were in a meetings regarding craneage for a large nuclear power plant, unfortunately due to national security there is minimal i can say about this but it does give you a clear indication as to how experienced we are and it should fill you with confidence in ourselves, if it doesn’t, give us a try and we will show you courtesy, knowledge, customer service and a delivery service like no other.

-Have a good weekend readers, enjoy!


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