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Truthfully I have been busy, I have been away abroad also! But I am back and will continue to educate the reader and discuss the latest in Lifting Gear.

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Stahl SC Electric Chain Hoist

To add to the growing market for electric chain hoists Stahl Crane Systems have just released the new ‘SC’ Electric Chain Hoist, designed for lighter duty applications up to 2500kg as opposed to its sister product the Stahl ST hoist suited for applications up to 6300kg. The ST hoist’s smallest model was 250kg, the SC caters for all round light duty handling from as little as 63kg.

The brand new 2013 Stahl SC Chain Hoist

The brand new 2013 Stahl SC Chain Hoist

Featuring a patented 5 pocket chain sprocket with an extra cog to support the vertical chain link, providing extra locking between chain and chain sprocket, thus reducing wear and tear (saving you money) it also allows higher loads on the chain while maintaining high safety standards.

All electrical components on the SC hoist are ‘plug in’. The SC also features directly active load limiting via the slipping clutch and a high standard classification to FEM, integrated limit switch complete with a high tensile powder coated aluminium body.

To Celebrate the new release we are offering 20% Off all Stahl Industrial Hoists this week O N L Y!

25% off Stahl Industrial Hoists, This week ONLY!

25% off Stahl Industrial Hoists, This week ONLY!

We are also offering a very competitive discount on Yale VS chain blocks all week.

30 OFF YALE THIS WEEK ONLYFor more information on Stahl Electric Chain Hoists please visit Lifting Equipment Store.

How often do you lubricate your tackle?

It’s not what you were thinking, I’m talking about Lifting Tackle! This article explains how to correctly lubricate a chain block load chain.

The most common cause of rust and wear; Incorrect lubrication…

One of the most common problems that I see when people return chain blocks after a short time period is a dry load chain. A dry load chain that has been neglected from lubrication can cause more problems than most will imagine such as rusting and weakening of the load chain and internal components such as the chain guide and chain wheel causing avoidable replacements of vital components or worse, a new chain block, this could put you out of time and money and probably less than £3 could save you all the hassle.

Signs of incorrect or lack of lubrication can be creaking of the load chain when it is running over the lift wheel. In fact what you are really hearing is the load chain wearing its self out every time you use the hoist by friction welding the chain links together and breaking the weld due to the lack of lubricant between links.

Rusty Load Chain

Lubricate before it’s too late! The early signs of a neglected load chain.

types of lubrication; there are many different kinds on the market, many manufacturers will suggest alternative products to suit their chain blocks. The key is to ensure your lubricant contains an “EP” additive to make the lube suitable for extreme pressure. Without EP you will be unable to keep lubricant between links under full load.

Ideal methods of lubrication can vary from rigger to rigger however my chosen method is to drop the whole load chain into a bucket and pour over the lubricant (no need to have the chain swimming in it, just enough to evenly cover). Move the chain around to work the lubricant in between every link. Some people like to spray it straight on while the block is hanging upright but that doesn’t always get between all the links. After applying the lubricant hang the block upright and let it drip dry, save as much lubricant as you can and use it on your next block. Take a rag and remove any excess oil, when the block is upright hanging you will be unable to remove oil from between the links with this process.

Correct lubrication of the load chain on every chain block is necessary to prolong the life of your chain block for years as opposed to months, especially when used outdoors.

I hope this article has been beneficial to many and will help you keep your equipment in safe working order saving you time and money…something for free! Please follow the links to view products for sale.

Yale Chain Hoist

Lifting Equipment Store supply the full range of Yale hand operated chain hoists as well as Yale electric chain hoists

With safe working loads from just 500kg ranging all the way up to 20 tonnes (20000kg) you are sure to find the correct Yale hoist from Lifting Equipment Store. Standard height of lift is three meters, however this can be extended for a small price to suit customer requirements. We can supply slack chain containers to avoid any lose slack chain when lifting.


Our Yale chain hoists can be sold as a single unit with top hook suspension or they can be specified to include a push, geared or electric travel trolley. For projects where low headroom is an issue we can supply a integrated low-headroom hoist and trolley.

For more information on Yale hoists contact a sales representative at Lifting Equipment Store. 

Chain Hoist

chain hoist commonly known as a chain block is a basic manual pulley system that is made up of a few simple but effective components that are all rated to the relevant working load limits.

The hoisting unit features two hooks, one to suspend the chain block and one to lift the load from below. Regular hand chain hoists feature two chains. One called the ‘hand chain’ this is the chain the the user pulls in a constant motion to either raise or lower the load, this is supported by an internal brake to ensure that when the user lets go of the chain the load does not slip and fall, a great standard safety feature. The hand chain rotates a cog in the chain block which turns other gears to create an easy lift whatever the weight!

If you have ever used a chain hoist you may have been surprised at how easy it is to pick up anything from 20kg to 20,000kg! Chain blocksChain HoistsBlock and Tackle, whatever you want to call them are great pieces of kit for the money and they are built to industrial standard all shipped with certificates of conformity from Lifting Equipment Store.

To purchase or enquire about chain hoist’s and chain block’s contact Lifting Equipment Store today!

Electric Hoists

Our aim is to supply a hoist that will last a good working life, not a hoist that was imported from a unknown manufacturer, we only supply hoists that we are official approved dealers for. All of our electric chain hoists are tested and certified before being despatched.

We are approved suppliers for the following manufacturers:

My personal favourite brand is Stahl Electric Chain Hoists, they never let me down, short lead times and competitive prices, this German manufacturer knows quality.

For specialist applications, heavy duty use and great for production lines, i fully stand behind Demag chain hoists.

Need a brand you can trust? Need spares on demand? For this we recommend Yale electric chain hoists or Lodestar electric chain hoists, both manufactured by huge American company; Columbus McKinnon.

If you are an Italian Stallion and require a competitively priced hoist that will provide long lasting service and quality, Donati electric chain hoists are the one.

Choosing a hoist can be like choosing a car, firstly the brand, then to decide on the specification and optional extra’s, for more information and help on purchasing an electric chain hoist, contact Lifting Equipment Store.

Jib Cranes Explained

Lets use our imagination a little here, So you’ve got a manufacturing facility where for example you are loading large objects into a lathe that cannot be lifted by hand, you need a lifting solution. The best lifting solution for such a job?….A Jib Crane.


Jib cranes are floor or wall mounted cranes that can lift loads usually up to 5000kg (5TON) depending on the model. They have the ability to slew 360 degrees (motorized or manual). The usual setup is a combination of the jib crane and an electric or hand chain hoist on a push or electric travel beam trolley that runs along the Jib’s arm.

Buyers can customize their Jib cranes to suit their application such as arm length, Jib height, electric or manual slew, wall or floor mounted, articulated jib, over braced or under braced arms (detailed below), hoist specifications such as dual or single speed hoisting, maximum safe working load, the list goes on.

Over-braced or Under-braced? That is the question.

As a sales executive I am always asked by customers “what do you recommend?” I can recommend that you measure the headroom above the Jib arm, over braced means that the jib arm is supported by a support above the Jib arm, this increases the overall height of the Jib (but does not increase the height of the Jib arm itself). Under braced is where the Jib arm is supported from underneath, thus saving headroom where needs be. Alternatively if you have a wall nearby a Jib can easily be mounted using the correct fittings and bolted to the wall (providing the wall is strong enough) This is usually the most cost effective option if you are so lucky as to have a wall just where you require the crane.

Images below show the different supports you can specify when purchasing.



Crane Handling (lifting equipment store’s sister company) have been supplying Jib cranes to the industry for over 30 years, they have trained and certified engineers that can fit a Jib crane in a matter of hours and leave your workspace neat and tidy. Even if your floor is super solid Crane Handling have access to special diamond drills to complete the task ahead, we can supply a full solution to your lifting requirements.

In just as little as 6 weeks Crane Handling could be installing a Donati Jib Crane (or alternative manufacturers such as Abus, Demag, etc.) at your premises, making your workers job easier and your company safer and more efficient.