Chain Hoist

chain hoist commonly known as a chain block is a basic manual pulley system that is made up of a few simple but effective components that are all rated to the relevant working load limits.

The hoisting unit features two hooks, one to suspend the chain block and one to lift the load from below. Regular hand chain hoists feature two chains. One called the ‘hand chain’ this is the chain the the user pulls in a constant motion to either raise or lower the load, this is supported by an internal brake to ensure that when the user lets go of the chain the load does not slip and fall, a great standard safety feature. The hand chain rotates a cog in the chain block which turns other gears to create an easy lift whatever the weight!

If you have ever used a chain hoist you may have been surprised at how easy it is to pick up anything from 20kg to 20,000kg! Chain blocksChain HoistsBlock and Tackle, whatever you want to call them are great pieces of kit for the money and they are built to industrial standard all shipped with certificates of conformity from Lifting Equipment Store.

To purchase or enquire about chain hoist’s and chain block’s contact Lifting Equipment Store today!

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