Ratchet Lever Hoist Application

What happens when your working from above the load you wish to hoist? Well if you have plenty of room to pull a long hand chain, maybe use the Yale 360 chain hoist. If you are short on room then i suggest the use of a Ratchet Lever Hoist or other wise known as a ratchet hoist, lever hoist or pul-lift.

The ratchet lever hoist is made combined of a top hook for suspending the unit, a bottom hook attached to a load chain for hoisting. The load chain is raised and lowered by the user operating the ratchet lever, this turns gears in the hoist to move that chain up and down, the hoist operation can be reversed to lower the load. Limits at the end of the chain prevent it from being hoisted all the way though the unit causing the chain and load to drop out.

The safest way to use a ratchet lever hoist is to suspend it from a beam trolley or beam clamp.

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