Roller Pinch Bars For Lifting Loads

Steerman Roller Pinch Bar

Steerman Roller Pinch Bar

Roller Pinch Bars otherwise known as a crow bar with fitted with smooth rolling wheels to enable minimal damage to the surface one is lifting on. With standard capacities up to 5 Tonnes roller crow bars can be used to provide that initial step in to jacking up the load in order to insert toe jacks for a higher lift and slide in a set of load skates. Without them where do you start?

Available widely usually in 1500kg or 5000kg capacities offering a broad range of options and applications- do be advised however the 5Tonne models are rather heavy! Manufactured from high grade steel coated in a safety yellow colour accompanied by robust, heavy duty steel wheels, combined they offer a super low toe height providing easy of entry and usability.

When it comes to load moving however, Steerman are the only brand for me. Offering high quality British engineering with reasonably quick lead times on most of their equipment, I love knowing that when a bearing or wheel goes on my skates (because lets face it if your using them regularly in industrial environments things may wear) they are always available right from stock overnight in the UK. You don’t get that with cheap imported alternatives, past experience has lead me to choose quality and durability over price.


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