New Demag V-Type Overhead Crane Design

V type Overhead Crane DemagRecently posted through my door was the industry wide ‘Lift & Hoist International’ magazine to which I dived straight in to and am delighted to share with you one of the most interesting and revolutionary ideas brought to the table by globally recognised ‘Demag Cranes & Components’.

Recently acquired by the Terex group; Demag are regarded as one of the best. Manufacturing only the highest quality cranes featuring the latest technology, the reason these are not the cheapest on the market is simply down to the astronomical amount of dedicated research and development that goes in to every Demag product.

The V-Type overhead crane design is set to change the way manufacturers develop cranes FOREVER! Boasting lightweight revolutionary design combined with double service life, improved efficiency, improved safety, higher load capacity and reduced oscillation by 30%. The height of the new Demag V-Type height can be adjusted in fine increments enabling precise positioning when installing. Less wheel pressure meaning less wear and tear on some of the vital and most expensive components is always a bonus for buyers of the new V-Type crane.

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