To a good weekend and the success of Lifting Equipment Store

If you have been following our blog you might be wondering when the next discussion is coming, it is on its way, its been a busy couple of weeks and we have had a successful end to the month, Lifting Equipment Store is 90% there on the design front, we have just yet to integrate card payments (waiting for the banks) and many more products to add, but that will never end…


The site has been a development over the last eleven months, i began working for Crane Handling back in September where i saw an opportunity for web development on and the new online store. After a few months of design and sleepless nights at work (yes i really did) Lifting Equipment Store was born, trading as part of Kingsway Corporation the Lifting Equipment Store is run by myself as manager of Crane Handling and Kingsway Corporation. Our sales staff know their industry, with several members having over 30 years experience in the industry they are sure to accomodate your needs.

Our first months sales provided me with the inspiration to struggle on and keep developing, we are now in to our third month of online sales and things are only looking up.

Customers find our product information relevant and unique, the ability to write and read reviews from past customers we have found often raises to confidence of our perspective buyers. Our store is ever growing, if there is anything you think that we could do to make it better please feel confident to comment here and we will do our best.


Thanks for taking the time to read our blog, please check out for all you lifting equipment requirements from hoists to cranes.

I wish all of my readers a great weekend…



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