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Well, it’s been a while!

Truthfully I have been busy, I have been away abroad also! But I am back and will continue to educate the reader and discuss the latest in Lifting Gear.

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Stahl SC Electric Chain Hoist

To add to the growing market for electric chain hoists Stahl Crane Systems have just released the new ‘SC’ Electric Chain Hoist, designed for lighter duty applications up to 2500kg as opposed to its sister product the Stahl ST hoist suited for applications up to 6300kg. The ST hoist’s smallest model was 250kg, the SC caters for all round light duty handling from as little as 63kg.

The brand new 2013 Stahl SC Chain Hoist

The brand new 2013 Stahl SC Chain Hoist

Featuring a patented 5 pocket chain sprocket with an extra cog to support the vertical chain link, providing extra locking between chain and chain sprocket, thus reducing wear and tear (saving you money) it also allows higher loads on the chain while maintaining high safety standards.

All electrical components on the SC hoist are ‘plug in’. The SC also features directly active load limiting via the slipping clutch and a high standard classification to FEM, integrated limit switch complete with a high tensile powder coated aluminium body.

To Celebrate the new release we are offering 20% Off all Stahl Industrial Hoists this week O N L Y!

25% off Stahl Industrial Hoists, This week ONLY!

25% off Stahl Industrial Hoists, This week ONLY!

We are also offering a very competitive discount on Yale VS chain blocks all week.

30 OFF YALE THIS WEEK ONLYFor more information on Stahl Electric Chain Hoists please visit Lifting Equipment Store.

Material Handling Equipment

Diversification was always something that we were good at, and thats why we’ve decided to bring you more from Lifting Equipment Store!

We’ve excelled in providing you with top notch lifting gear, A1 customer service and rock bottom prices over the last twelve months and that is why we’ve decided to introduce Material Handling Equipment to complement the range of lifting equipment and really provide a full one-stop-shop for all your handling needs big or small.

Our range of Material Handling Equipment is no match for any of our competition, we supply both top level equipment designed for intense usage as well as economy ranges for those with a stricter budget in mind. We are currently hold some of the lowest prices on the internet for Pfaff Silberblau Pallet Trucks and Raptor Furniture Movers.

The Material Handling division has been up and running for a short time now and is already proving a big hit with visitors. The ability to buy Load Skates, Toe Jacks and a Roller Pinch Bar all under one transaction is bliss to many savvy procurement officers, why? One; because you save on delivery costs and two; because our prices are the best saving you even more money on your Lifting Equipment and Material Handling Equipment. For the one-stop-shop head to Lifting Equipment Store.

Electric Hoists

Our aim is to supply a hoist that will last a good working life, not a hoist that was imported from a unknown manufacturer, we only supply hoists that we are official approved dealers for. All of our electric chain hoists are tested and certified before being despatched.

We are approved suppliers for the following manufacturers:

My personal favourite brand is Stahl Electric Chain Hoists, they never let me down, short lead times and competitive prices, this German manufacturer knows quality.

For specialist applications, heavy duty use and great for production lines, i fully stand behind Demag chain hoists.

Need a brand you can trust? Need spares on demand? For this we recommend Yale electric chain hoists or Lodestar electric chain hoists, both manufactured by huge American company; Columbus McKinnon.

If you are an Italian Stallion and require a competitively priced hoist that will provide long lasting service and quality, Donati electric chain hoists are the one.

Choosing a hoist can be like choosing a car, firstly the brand, then to decide on the specification and optional extra’s, for more information and help on purchasing an electric chain hoist, contact Lifting Equipment Store.

To a good weekend and the success of Lifting Equipment Store

If you have been following our blog you might be wondering when the next discussion is coming, it is on its way, its been a busy couple of weeks and we have had a successful end to the month, Lifting Equipment Store is 90% there on the design front, we have just yet to integrate card payments (waiting for the banks) and many more products to add, but that will never end…


The site has been a development over the last eleven months, i began working for Crane Handling back in September where i saw an opportunity for web development on and the new online store. After a few months of design and sleepless nights at work (yes i really did) Lifting Equipment Store was born, trading as part of Kingsway Corporation the Lifting Equipment Store is run by myself as manager of Crane Handling and Kingsway Corporation. Our sales staff know their industry, with several members having over 30 years experience in the industry they are sure to accomodate your needs.

Our first months sales provided me with the inspiration to struggle on and keep developing, we are now in to our third month of online sales and things are only looking up.

Customers find our product information relevant and unique, the ability to write and read reviews from past customers we have found often raises to confidence of our perspective buyers. Our store is ever growing, if there is anything you think that we could do to make it better please feel confident to comment here and we will do our best.


Thanks for taking the time to read our blog, please check out for all you lifting equipment requirements from hoists to cranes.

I wish all of my readers a great weekend…



Electric Chain Hoists

While working in the industry i have herd many people discussing about how they feel the process to aquire an electric chain hoist is more than its worth. This is not true, there are not many useful chain hoist guides out there on the internet however i have found a couple that are quite informative. These will be listed at the end of my blog post.

Mounting: An electric chain hoist can be suspended in a number of different ways. This can be by a top hook on the hoist unit that easily attached to a beam clamp (static) or a beam travelling trolley (for horizontal transport along I beams.) Some unit’s have a suspension eye, this is similar to a shackle, just designed for purpose.

Height of Lift: EASY! How far is it from your load’s level to the hoisting unit? Always give this in meters. This will determine the length of the load chain and if applicable, the hand chain (usually for geared trolleys)

Safe Working Load: What is the maximum weight of lift? Always quote this in Kg. 1 Tonne is equal to 1,000kg so that keeps things pretty simple.

Duty cycle is nothing you should worry about, just inform the supplier of when and how long the unit will be used for and they will do the rest.

There are a few other simple questions and answers that are detailed on this electric chain hoist jargon buster.

Another great site to check out for information and sales is Friendly staff and simple non-techie advice.

CPV/F Model Electric Chain Hoist by Yale.

Lifting Equipment & Material Handling

Recently with the development of social media, the internet etc and the downfall of the economy as well as manual purchasing (ie. writing out purchase orders, paying invoices by cheque) Has lead business’s and other purchasers to the internet, users are looking for a one-stop-shop that easily fulfils their expectations such as detailed product descriptions, technical details like dimensions, online payment facility, next day shipping and helpful & knowledgeable staff on the phone.

This is where Lifting Equipment Store comes in to play. The internet’s best online store for lifting and handling equipment. From hoists to shackles they have it all. The best part being that they aim to keep their prices super competitive to eliminate the need to go elsewhere and acquire quotations that take time, its a simple case of finding the product you like, checking how much discount you have got (it shows RRP prices and their prices), add it to the basket and check out. The polite and friendly staff will keep you updated to your order’s status.

If however you are a bargain hunter a bit like David Dickinson and you happen to find the same products cheaper elsewhere, if you let their staff know they are more than happy to beat the price and offer you other incentives.

Be sure to check out Lifting Equipment Store’s range of Lifting Equipment.