Can Ratchet Straps Be Used For Lifting?

Can Ratchet Straps Be Used To Lift LoadsWhat is a Ratchet Strap?

Ratchet Staps, otherwise known as Ratchet Lashings are originally designed for securing loads to the bed of trucks, vans and alike. Available usually in sizes up to 5000kg WLL with a breaking point that is 3 times this amount. Used in nearly every industry where goods are to be secured into place, such as transport, engineering, nuclear, aviation and many others.

Types of Ratchet Lashings

There are just a few types of Ratchet Straps available which make choosing the correct one easy, the main differences being the breaking load or WLL (which as above is 3 times the breaking load), as well as the length. Other variations include the end fittings, normally this is a standard chassis type claw hook which makes easy fastening to trailers and lashing points while some have open ‘Rave’ hooks and in some instances even endless formats.

Lifting With Ratchet LashingsThe big question- Can Ratchet Straps Be Used For Lifting?

The answer to this often varies amongst opinions, many say that due to their non-continuous construction (due to the ratchet joining them) that they should not be used to lift loads, only to secure them, I guess this is because the user could simply release the ratchet and drop the load, causing potentially fatal accidents. Others say that they are completely safe to lift with and should you be silly enough to release the ratchet under load then you get what you ask for. My personal opinion is that you should not lift with ratchet straps. I wouldn’t recommend lifting heavy loads, for that you should use proper lifting gear suitably rated for the purpose of your lift, but sometimes, when working in a garage environment this can be out of the budget, in cases like this you shouldn’t take the risk, budget should never outweigh the cost of safety.

For more advice on lifting and rigging products feel free to get in touch with me or browse my blog further, I have been posting away for many years in order to discuss and help others in the industry make the right decision while providing an uplifted opinion.




7 thoughts on “Can Ratchet Straps Be Used For Lifting?

  1. Under no circumstances should ratchet straps be used for lifting, at least here in the UK. They are for load securing only. I was responsible for British Standard approval of ratchet straps for a former employer. The label attached to the strap and ratchet shall clearly state “NOT FOR LIFTING”

  2. Here is a couple of reasons why a ratchet strap should not be use as lifting equipment.
    1/. The safety factor is only 3:1 for a ratchet strap
    2/. Strap is simplex not duplex
    3/. Ratchet straps are designed as lashing equipment not lifting, hence the label that states not for
    4/. Lifting equipment has a clutch / brake or control so the one can control the release

  3. Reading that makes me think your a shit sales man who knows fuck all about the sudject you wrote about… your an idiot for writing it 👎🏻

  4. Henry, I agree with you that they should not be used for lifting. My primary reason would be that there is no braking system. The ratchet and pawl system is not very reassuring from a safety perspective, they often get misaligned which causes slippage and/or binding. This could potentially be catastrophic. Just my two cents!

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