Moving Bulky Loads With Furniture Moving Trolleys

Moving heavy and bulky furniture can be a nightmare. Most people don’t know where to turn other than recruiting a couple stocky chaps to take care of the task at hand, when in fact, there are lots of more cost effective options on the market which can turn a 3-4 man job into a single man job- nice!

The first question to consider is how heavy is the load you are challenged to move? Generally, there are movers with capacities up to 1800kg on the market, any bigger and you would be considering a machine skate. There’s also not much furniture around weighing more than that so 1.8Tonnes should cover it.

Secondly, the size of the load must be considered- too large and it might need multiple dollies or a larger ratchet strap to secure the load. Too small and, well, you might as well lift it! (unless of course, it’s a lead weight)!

Consider your lifting plan and pathway of travel, ensure clear access at all times, no trip hazards or objects that could obstruct the load. Safety over everything is most important, even if it adds time to the process.

There are multiple different types of furniture moving trolleys and load moving dollies available from numerous manufacturers, some better than others. My favorite Furniture Movers and the most popular on the market are the FM series from Raptor and George Taylor, these movers are top quality hydraulic lifters with a huge capacity as above up to 1800kg. Simply slide one under each end of the load, strap it in with the included ratchet straps, crank the hydraulic jack which raises the load and wheel away.

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