How Electric Chain Hoists Work

A hoist is used to lift or lower a load by means of a rope or chain that is wound around a lift wheel or a drum. Electric hoists have drums or wheels that use electricity for their operations. Hoists may come with different lifting media with chain being the most common option. Today, most industrial undertakings use electrically operated chain hoists as the lifting media and they feature a closed chain in the form of a loop which facilitates lifting. The chain hoist may come equipped with a number of big and small pulleys that facilitate lifting.

Electric chain hoists are used in diverse industries including manufacturing establishments and construction projects. You need to pull the chain to lift the load. At this time, the large pulley pulls in more chain compared to what the smaller side requires and this marks the onset of the lifting process. While the use of manual chain hoists dominated the lifting scenes in the past, today, most manual lifting operations are being replaced by electrically operated lifting processes. Electric chain hoists allow you to transfer heavy loads from one location to the other by requiring you to just push the button. Electric chain hoists do not require you to engage an experienced operator to operate them and this means that you can save money which otherwise you might be spending on hiring professionals. Simply put, your operations will turn out to be cost-effective in the long run.

You need to abide by guidelines specified by the trade association’s centre on chain use, upkeep and inspection to minimise the chances of accidents. Additionally, you should apply gear lubricant oil on the load chain before initiating an operation and the frequency and degree of lubrication will typically depend on the operating conditions and the degree of usage. Electric chain hoists feature an electric motor that spins fast, facilitating a lifting operation. The chain may move at a speed of 8-32 feet per minute and a strong brake comes with shaft which ensures that the chain rotates in place.

Electric chain hoists are typically used in risky lifting scenarios and they come in various designs and capacities and so you may need to do a careful research to identify the model that will address your specific needs with regard to usage and the weight that you will need to carry. When you decide to purchase an electric chain hoist, you should consider a few parameters including the hoist’s suspension and speed, the lift height, the hoist’s capability to lift heavy loads, the voltage, and the trolley’s speed and projection width. By understanding your unique requirements and by studying the specifications of different types of products, you can select the appropriate product and make your operations faster, safer, and cost-effective.

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