Reasons Why Drum Trolleys May Boost Your Transportation Efficiency

Why do you need drum trolleys when you can just roll drums to move them to the desired locations? Well, drum trolleys are designed to transport large drums that carry ‘hazardous’ chemicals. This explains why using drum trolleys makes more sense than just rolling drums to facilitate their transportation. Drum trolleys minimise the health and safety risks that your workers may be exposed to during the transportation of hazardous chemicals while boosting the efficiency at which materials are transported at the same time.

You have to admit the fact that equipment with wheels assures the best transportation outcomes in terms of convenience as well as timeliness. You may need only one person to transport multiple drums in one day depending on the load and the type of drum trolley that you use. What’s more interesting is that you can actually cut down on your transportation time by almost 50 percent. Secondly, the use of drum trolleys guarantees a level of safety which fosters a feel of employee-friendly environment in your work site.

Whenever humans and chemicals meet each other, there are always chances of accidents on account of faulty transportation practices. Some drum trolleys come with anti-explosion and anti-spill features that help companies maintain high standards of health and safety practices. By promoting a safe work environment, you can keep costs pertaining to employee injury claims under control. Back injuries are commonly reported by workers who need to lift and handle heavy loads on a frequent basis. When you provide your workers with aids to lift drums and other loads safely, you take a step to secure their health and safety, which, in turn, translates into lower injury claims for you.

Drum trolleys come in various forms, with self-loading tilting drum stand, tilt drum trolley, four-wheel drum truck, and low-profile drum caddy being the most commonly used designs. As the name suggests, a self-loading tilting drum stand can be operated by just one employee who does not even need to touch the drum. The handles can be retracted when the stand rests in the horizontal position. Tilt drum trolleys are specially designed to facilitate tilting, rotating, and drainage functions. You can lock the drum in a vertical position to avoid spillage, but you can still tilt the drum in a horizontal position if you wish to drain it. Most importantly, you can incline a drum at any angle and drain all the contents completely. Four-wheel drum trucks prove to be highly useful when you need to transport drums up over gutters and doorsteps. Convenient for use on both smooth and rough grounds, four-wheel drum trucks will allow you to move significant load without feeling burdened. Low-profile drum caddies are designed to reduce the risk of injury that may be caused by manual transportation of drums. By using a low-profile drum caddy, you can escape manual unloading operations by slipping the drum out of the caddy.

If you handle chemicals that fall in the “extremely hazardous” category, you may want to invest in hydraulic drum jacks that can transport several drums and need only one operator to operate them. Besides, you also need to use various drum handling equipment such as drum lifts, loader, and unloader to complete drum transportation jobs. If you think that you have very little awareness about such equipment, do consult a company representative to make informed decisions.




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