Bottle Jacks for Lifting And Pushing

High Quality and Industrial Bottle Jacks.

High Quality and Industrial Bottle Jacks.

Many people ask me what Bottle Jacks can be used for there for I decided to write this article to do some explaining.

Bottle Jacks allow controlled raising and lowering of loads up to 50 Tonnes. Made up of a hydraulic cylinder that is raised when pressure is built in the chamber by the operator using the hand pump to increase this which in turn raises the hydraulic ram within the cylinder. This ram lifts or pushes the load (depending upon how one is using the equipment) steadily in to position.

To lower the load most Bottle Jacks allow the user the turn the handle which releases pressure from the cylinder which retracts the ram and lowers the load slowly in a controlled manor. This type of Jack should always be used on a flat level surface and not on uneven ground and the user should always find the correct jacking points of a load before initiating a lift.

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