Ratchet Load Binders

Ratchet load binders are used to tie down and secure large loads usually on the back of a lorry or flat bed, load binders are used in conjunction with specially rated lashing chains, the binder attaches to both ends of the chain and the user then operates the ratchet lever in order to tighten the chain and secure the load.

To release the load the ratchet pawl is pressed and the ratchet is then operated in the same way as tightening in order to release the load.

Yale RLSP Ratchet Load Binder

Chains and binders are often used to secure diggers, tractors, large machinery and steelwork as these items can be secured without damage from chains. Binders can be purchased in two formats- with parallel hooks or clevis hooks to suit your application.

Lifting equipment store supply a complete range of ratchet load binders and lashing chains along with lots of accessories to complement such as weld on hooks and lashing points.

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