How To Hire A Cherry Picker

The human body was not created to reach the highest heights and we struggle every day to grab things that we just cannot reach. This calls for only one thing; a Cherry Picker.

Hiring a Cherry Picker can be a little bit of a concern for those who are not fluent in the Lifting Equipment world, there are a few things you will need to know before contacting a Cherry Picker Hire company such as:

  • The height that you will need to reach- usually measured in Meters
  • Type of Lift (you might be lifting a man, goods or other types of objects)
  • Weight of load to be lifted- measured in KG or Tonnes
  • Type of Cherry Picker (if known, if not known most companies will be able to guide you)
  • Outreach of Cherry Picker (measured from the arm of the Cherry Picker to the fingers of the average person stretching out from the extended boom).
  • Ground conditions- It is unsafe to use a Cherry Picker on unstable or wet/boggy ground without the correct support. You also do not want to use an unsuitable picker on a steep gradient or rough terrain. There are specialist pickers designed for this.

There are various different types of Cherry Picker available for hire such as trailer mounted, elevated working platforms and many more. Cherry Pickers are commonly referred to as; Boom Lifts, Man Lifts, Basket Cranes and Hydra-ladders.

Hire Cherry Pickers to perform tasks beyond your reach!

Hire Cherry Pickers to perform tasks beyond your reach!

Traditionally Cherry Pickers were designed for use in Orchards however you can hire one to reach pretty much anything (within reason as they don’t reach as high as the Empire State Building!!) such as cleaning windows, reaching high cables, picking fruit, exterior painting, reaching high shelves and more.

Can I operate the Cherry Picker myself to save money?

Cherry pickers can be driven by an operator or towed behind a car/van. Larger ones tend to require a driver and an operator to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Most pickers can be driven by the average person holding a full UK driving licence (providing the picker is under 7.5 Tonnes and you got your licence before 1994). It is strongly advised that if you are planning on hiring a Cherry Picker you should attend a short safety course to avoid any risks and misuse that could occur.

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