Everything you ever wanted to know about…. Single Post Lifts

Interesting info, give it a read if Automotives is your thing….


A relatively new design to hit the market is the single post lift. There are essentially 2 variants of this type of lift.

1.       Single Post Maintenance Lift

This style is the same as a single post lift, but instead of drive-on ramps it has arms attached like a two post lift.

Storage: For the same reasons as a two post lift, these are terrible for storage. There is no oil drip protection and the vehicle’s suspension hangs down under its own weight.

Maintenance:  Under body access is partially blocked by the lifting arms, but otherwise these lifts offer the same advantages as a two post lift.


Single Post Storage & Maintenance Lift

This is not the type you sometimes see in repair garages and tyre shops where the post comes out of the ground. Single post lifts have a single column on one side with arms that reach…

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