Integral Chain Blocks- Available at Lifting Equipment Store

If a chain block is what you are looking for be sure to visit Lifting Equipment Store, a expertly presented website where you can purchase all your lifting equipment needs under one name, simply and efficiently.

Integral chain blocks are the latest and greatest design of chain block offering extended hook path with excellent headroom capabilities. Ideal for applications with low ceilings.

Up to 10,000kg capacity and unlimited height of lift. Ideal for low headroom applications.

Yale Ultra Low Headroom Chain Block. Up to 10,000kg capacity and unlimited height of lift. Ideal for low headroom applications.

Lifting Equipment Store offer incredible deals on Hand Chain Blocks and all other types of equipment. When ordering your block and tackle be sure to know the following:

How you are going to suspend the hoist- do you have a suitably rated beam above? If so you can use a beam clamp for fitting your hoist in a static position or a beam travelling trolley, this will allow your hoist to travel up and down the beam like a runway. For heavy loads you can use a geared trolley, this operates with the use of a hand chain much like the chain block, the hand chain, once pulled turns gears on the trolley which operate the wheels, thus allowing horizontal travel of the beam with little effort required (as pushing 5Tonnes is quite heavy even when suspended).

What is your height of lift- this is the distance from the bottom of the beam flange to the load, the standard is 3m but this can be as long as you require, when purchasing online this will be a question that is vital you can answer.

Safe Working Load (SWL)- this is the capacity of the hoist (the maximum weight you will be lifting) each hoist will be certified to this weight (and complete with certificate, never use a hoist without a certificate) However the hoist is designed to withstand a certain percentage of overload, but, you should never ever overload your equipement as this is very, very dangerous and could cost you your life as well as your equipment’s life!

For more information on chain blocks and lifting tackle visit Lifting Equipment Store.



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