CM Lodestar Training Course

Hello lifting and rigging world.

You may or may not follow this blog, some of it will make sense to you, other bits may confuse you and you may ask why i write some of the things i do. Don’t worry, its nothing special.

Anyway, recently i was invited to attend the CM Lodestar industrial training course up at the Columbus McKinnon headquarters in Prenton, UK. The course was based on giving a hands on approach to people such as myself who sell these hoists all day long but have not had a more hands on experience than the basic operation of the hoist.

Columbus McKinnon Logo

The course was an excellent opportunity for me to gain an extended product knowledge with the added benefit of having a hands on experience and the ability to fault find and help customers troubleshoot should they experience any difficulty with their hoists. The course offered the full package from a theory exercise and examination to stripping down the hoist, making adjustments to the brake and re-assembling and testing of the units.

Lodestar Logo

All in all a great crash course for anyone in the lifting or rigging game looking to extend their product knowledge and technical ability with the CM Lodestar Hoist and at the end of the course i was presented with a certificate of completion, ideal to add to the growing list on my resume and a great selection of CMCO promotional goodies! -Thank you Columbus McKinnon.

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