600T Gantry Crane For Sale

Crane Handling have this incredible Gantry crane for sale capable of lifting up to 600 ton!

Suitable for use in a shipyard this crane is for sale at an incredible price, making it useable for a range of projects.

Already stirring up interest world wide this 600T gantry crane is for sale at just a fraction of the price it cost to purchase. The best part about it is that this crane is NEW! The crane has worked zero hours as the shipyard that purchased it went broke very soon after the purchase was made.

If you have a requirement for such equipment you may find it could take up to two years to manufacture such a monster! We have this waiting to be shipped to your location, Tested and certified for your use.

The span of this crane is 120m

Featuring an upper and a lower hoist, as well as a 7.5T maintenance crane on top.

Overall Height is 110m (including height of service crane)

Total hoisting capacity: 600T

Traveling Speed: 30m/min

Power Supply: 3phase 60hz

Engineers drawing, more images and viewing on application, this 600T gantry crane is for sale at a seriously low price.






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