Polyester Lifting Slings

1000-20000kg (1-20TON) Capacity.

Issues can arrise when loads that require lifting can easily be scratched or damaged by heavy rough chain slings, so, the clever people of the lifting industry invented polyester lifting slings. Flat webbed or endless round construction allows these super flexible lifting slings to be choked around loads, lashed through shackles and even doubled up to create a stronger sling, doubling up is where you place the two lengths of sling next to each other to provide extra strength, the only downside is the length is then shortened.


Say your lifting a recently painted object using your slow speed on your dual speed chain hoist and you dont want to damage your load, well now you wont by using soft slings  for safe and efficient transport.

Slings should be replaced every four years as stated in the current lifting regulations, many big companies will try to extort customers for their lack of knowledge. However there is a growing collection to be found at the most competitive prices over at Lifting Equipment Store. They have huge stocks of Web Slings and Round Slings as well as being able to supply chain slings if you require. They also have the ability to re-web and attached various lifting attachments. Wear sleeves can also be applied.

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