How To Select The Right Vehicle Winch

If you have a vehicle, you may want to make sure that you have a winch as well. While buying a winch you must know what parameters you should consider and how you can match your winch with the requirements of your vehicle. If you end up choosing the wrong winch, there are chances that you will find your winch to be less powerful than your vehicle and you will remain stuck in a messy situation.

  • The first step to ensure the selection of the right winch is to match the winch’s gross pull capacity (GPC) with the gross weight of your vehicle. The GPC denotes the total weight that your winch can pull in a perfect situation where other factors, such as multiple cables or weak battery, do not cause interferences. The GPC of your winch should be at least 30 percent higher than your vehicle’s weight.
  • Count the cable layers to determine the net pull capacity. The lowermost cable bears the maximum weight and if there are multiple layers of cables, the pull weight will be reduced by 10-20 percent.
  • Winches are electricity-run devices and hence, it is very important to match your winch’s capacity to the battery. It goes without saying, a completely-new battery will provide greater power to the winch compared to the one that you have been using for quite some time.
  • Check the design of the gear case and the pulley. Currently, the industry offers two models- worm-gear design and low-profile design. The worm-gear models, though bulky, provide greater power compared to their low-profile counterparts. However, low-profile winches come with a backup mechanism that stops the motor while allowing you to readjust the cable to promote a superior pull.
  • Make sure that you are aware of the mounting location of the winch. While external winches bulge out on the outside of the grill, undercarriage winches may get easily coated under mud or snow or they may get broken by boulders. You may find external winches to be quite unpleasant.

Above everything, budget plays a critical role in decision making. Ask yourself if you really have the budget to fund a specific winch. The price of winches ranges from £200 to £1000 and so you may want to make sure that you buy the right type of winch that perfectly matches your requirements. You can choose to check out different offers provided by different retailers. Even a five percent discount may bring value to you.

Major Considerations That Shape Your Winch Purchase Decision

With the cost of a winch ranging from 100 pounds to thousands of pounds, you may find it hard to select a winch that not only suits your budget, but serves your purpose as well. There are a few major considerations that one should take into account when you purchase a winch so that you feel good about your investment at the end of the day. Think about your intended usage before you determine how much winch you exactly need. You also need to have knowledge about the purpose and safe use of winch accessories. As a rule of thumb, winch rating is calculated by multiplying the gross load weight by 1.5. The product indicates your minimum winch size. However, this is just the minimum rating and there may be situations that may demand your winch capacity to be exceeded. Hence, you should carefully determine usage before you make a choice.

Secondly, your choice of winch motor should also be determined by the frequency and intensity of use. Light duty winching and permanent magnet motors work well together whereas heavier and more frequent winching will demand the use of a Series Wound winch. Hydraulic winches are an appropriate option if you winch throughout the day regularly and beyond any electrical winch’s capability. The weight of the winch may be one of your primary considerations and the dimensions of your winch may also influence your choice as well as the orientation of which it is mounted and the rope deploys. Winches may come with an Integrated or Remote Solenoid Pack and each option has its own set of advantages, including their ability to reduce the space required to mount the winch.

Read the manufacturer’s warranty thoroughly to be aware of the warranty coverage time and other terms and conditions. Consider serviceability as a vital decision-making criterion as you need to ensure that you find a service centre whenever you need it most. You will surely not want to spend your time hunting down hard to find replacements of broken parts after the warranty period expires.

Wire Rope Winches- A Very Useful Tool

Wire rope winches, commonly referred to as winches, hand winches, electric winches and more are used in a number of applications as a lifting or pulling solution.

This article will help explain the different types of wire rope winch and how they can be used, in a follow up article I will go in depth in types of hand winches, types of electric winches, get it? Ok…


Electric Wire Rope Winches are designed to run on a single phase or three phase power supply and can be used for lifting or pulling (dependant upon the style) electric winches take the effort out of operation with a simple wired pendant control or optional radio remote control. Simply press the command and the winch will carry it out. 



ImageHand Winches are ideal for industrial or domestic purposes, affordable and easy to install/use. Hand winches require human interaction and cannot be automated or remote controlled. However they are much smaller and are appropriate for many applications that require small units in confined spaces or quiet operation, or simply where budgets are tight.

Industrial Winches are commonly fitted to davit cranes and various other applications in the industrial sector where pulling or lifting is required.



As you can see the capacity is easily increased with the cost effective addition.

Wire rope winches are often used when the direction of the rope needs to be changed with the addition of a sheave block, sheave blocks can be fixed to position the wire rope to feed horizontally but leave vertically making the hoist a lifting hoist without it being fixed vertically above the load. Wire rope sheaves are often used to increase the capacity of the hoist by creating a double reeving system explained in the image above.

For more information on hand winches, electric wire rope winches and more please feel free to comment below.

Doing Good…

west midlands safari park

Its nice to hear when your products are being used locally to help animals, today we hooked up the West Midlands Safari Park with 6 Pfaff Silberblau Alpha Hand Operated Wire Rope Winches to lift up Hay for the Giraffes.

Giraffes West Midlands Safari Park

Each winch will be fitted externally to the Giraffe enclosure so the keepers can operate it without any of the Giraffes being in the way or at risk from injuring themselves. This will be done using a series of pulleys and sheave blocks.

6 x Alpha Winches Supplied to the Safari Park

6 x Alpha Winches Supplied to the West Midlands Safari Park

For more information on hand winches from Pfaff Silberblau please visit Lifting Equipment Store.