Things that you should consider before purchasing a used electric hoist

If you are looking to invest in a second-hand electric hoist, you may come across some really great bargains and capitalise on your investment provided the equipment you choose has been maintained properly and is now in a functional state. A second-hand electric hoist that is maintained in a good state will not only come for a low-cost, but would also function like a new device. This boils down to the fact that you can use a second-hand electric hoist for years and if you take adequate care, you may even sell your equipment and earn good returns on your investment. So the best way to buy a used electric hoist is to get it inspected to make sure that it is in working condition and will serve your purpose for a certain period of time.

Devices that are sold in EU will come with an EC Declaration of Conformity which indicates that they fulfill the criteria laid down by the European Machinery Directive. Initially all devices will come with a number of certificates that will guarantee safe and efficient usage, but later, you may need to look for certain signs to make sure that the equipment you buy will be worth the price you pay. Check if you are able to spot the presence of cracks in the equipment itself. Fissures or cracks are the signs of wear and tear and they indicate that you may not be able to use the equipment for a long time. These cracks may lead to undesirable incidents and may indicate that your equipment is not safe for use.

Regular servicing and proper care actually work to preserve and prolong the functional life of an electric hoist and you may want to hire the services of an inspector to make sure that the device does not have problems with regard to bearings, electronics, or cogs. Some companies offer used electric hoists that are backed by warranties and this may give you some confidence to invest in those devices.

There are certain other factors that you should consider while buying a used electric hoist. You should take into account the reputation of the equipment manufacturer while making a purchase decision and you should look for suppliers that can provide you with the necessary usage and care-related documentation. It is a good idea to involve an independent third party in the inspection process. Independent professional inspectors who handle such devices on a day-to-day basis will be in a better position to guide you on the purchase of the right equipment.

Used 1 Tonne A-Frame Portable Gantry System For Sale

Just arriving in to our stock is this Used 1 Tonne A-Frame Portable Gantry System For Sale at an excellent price in stock and ready to go!

We can ship this system anywhere in the world, please contact for more information and pricing!

SWL: 1 Tonne

Span: 5m

Height: 4m

Hoist Brand: Kone Cranes

Hoist Details: Electric Travel, 2 fall.



Overhead Crane Accident- Always Service Your Crane

Three men were injured and one crushed to death by overhead crane accident in Arkansas Nuclear One Plant in April 2013.

This is ultimately the responsibility of the company who service the crane who have not been named.

Overhead Crane Collapse

It is important to correctly maintain your overhead crane in order to prevent breakdowns and unnecessary repairs and in some cases like this; fatal accidents.

On this occasion the gantry appears to have snapped, this could be due to a number of factors such as overload, poor engineering, poort maintenance etc.

Safety should never be compromised when lifting and handling heavy loads, UK law and LOLER require cranes to be serviced on a regular basis.


For more information and advice on Overhead Crane Servicing and Overhead Crane Inspection visit Crane Handling.

Crane Accidents- Russian Crane Collapse

Last month this crane collapsed about 2,000 miles away from Moscow in Russia. This rail mounted tower crane got caught up in some serious winds causing it to gain speed moving down the tracks and collapsing into a nine floor appartment block. Luckily nobody was injured however eight cars were smashed up in the process! This is a lesson to everyone in the lifting industry. Always take the necessary safety precautions (this includes checking the weather!) and risk assessment is vital.

Only in Russia would they continue to operate the other cranes after this had happend! (lol) It is suspected that the crane was not installed correctly- disastrous!

Collapsing Crane in Russia!

Collapsing Crane in Russia!

For more information and advice an overhead cranes and installation, testing and servicing contact Crane Handling.

Used Cranes For Sale

You may or may not be aware that we also are part of a company that specialise in Overhead Cranes. We have one of the UK’s biggest stocks of Used Cranes- this changes every day!

Currently we are offering some of the following cranes at special prices:

Kone 6.4Tonne x 23m Span Goliath

Kone 6.4Tonne x 23m Span Goliath Crane For Sale

Kone 12.5Tonne x 42m Span Goliath Crane For Sale

Kone 5tonne x 14m Span 4m height of lift

Kone 5tonne x 14m Span 4m height of lift

Not only do we have Kone Cranes for sale in the UK but we carry all makes such as Demag, Stahl, Verlinde, Granada, Crane Handling, Morris, & More.

For more information on our range of Used Cranes For Sale in the UK please contact Crane Handling.

Used Cranes For Sale

With budgets being squeezed every year it gets harder and harder for a company’s purchasing department to justify brand new purchases of large plant and machinery equipment.

This is why Crane Handling moved into the Used Cranes market around 7 years ago. Diversifying from manufacturing of brand new cranes to fabrication adjustments and refurbishment of used cranes. Used Cranes are very popular among companies big or small looking to save money in order to meet their budget for the year.

To give you an idea of how much can really be saved take this large crane as an example:

A new 600Tonne Gantry Crane 120m Span 80m Height of Lift price new is around £20Million, price ‘used’ with under 5 hours usage £8Million. As you can see, there are BIG savings to be made on used cranes. This crane would have a lead time of 2 years to manufacture, we have it Ex Stock!

Used Cranes big or small carry many advantages over new such as:

  • Ex Stock- installation within 7 days on some used cranes
  • Custom Fabrication- many do not realise that used cranes can be adjusted to suit your requirements.
  • No need to extract new raw materials- saving the world, now you can really feel good.
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • View before you buy, something you can never do with new.

The list could continue but I just wanted to outline the basics, Crane Handling have a huge range of Used Cranes and Used Overhead Cranes for sale with stock held in the Midlands ready for viewing.


Buying Used Overhead Cranes

New cranes are one thing, but used are another. When buying a new crane times can be tough, and what business is not on a budget these days? So ask yourself; Why would you buy new when you can buy used (and in mint condition) at a fraction of the price? You wouldn’t providing your specification does not require new, and this is what many well established firms that require cranes are doing.

Crane Handling have supplied top Nuclear power plants, large logistics companies and various production plants with used cranes at a fraction of the cost of a new crane. Another positive advantage is that these gantry cranes are in stock and can be installed in just one day.


If refurbished cranes have been deemed suitable for a high risk nuclear environment then a standard environment poses no issues, second hand cranes are ideal for all!

Not only do Crane Handling supply and install used overhead cranes but they also test and certify the equipment to ensure it is fit for purpose. This is documented accordingly to Loler requirements.

Newly refurbished cranes can provide ultimate financial flexibility with payment plans and due to the significantly lower prices than new cranes this can free up and allow access to additional funds in your budget that a new overhead crane would have unnecessarily used.

To find out more about and view the UK’s biggest stock of used overhead cranes and used jib cranes be sure to visit Crane Handling.


300T Shipyard Crane For Sale

We have been blessed enough to have this un-used 300T shipyard crane for sale.

Classed as ‘Used’ due to the simple fact that it was previously owned by a shipyard that went into liquidation shortly after purchasing this beast! Thus it being unused and left to sell.

This 300T used crane is for sale at a fraction of the new cost, a bargain for any shipyard requiring a 300T crane.

This 300000kg gantry crane can be used for loading and unloading containers and other seriously heavy equipment such as boats and more, it travels along rails on the ground and is controlled from the operation tower above.









Used Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes these days can be a very expensive handling solution for your company, manufactured to such high standards, industrial overhead cranes are built to last, used overhead cranes are the cost effective and super fast alternative to the lengthy process of design and building of a brand new expensive crane built using newer more expensive steel work, save your money and grab a bargain today.

Steel and resources were cheaper a few years back when these used cranes were manufactured, there for they cost less to build and guess what? They sell for even less used!

Used Cranes

Contact Crane Handling for Used Crane Sales

On a strict budget for the opening of your new manufacturing plant? Need a large (usually expensive) overhead crane? Say bye bye to sky high crane prices, Crane Handling buys big so you pay less! They can also delivery, install, test, certify and maintain your used crane. They can even supply gantry supports and steel work.

So check out our sister company Crane Handling‘s huge UK stock of Used Overhead Cranes.