Lifting Equipment Inspection

Inspection of any load rated Lifting Equipment is vital and should be undertaken between every 3-12 months depending upon the intensity of usage. Failure to inspect and certify lifting gear regularly by a qualified LOLER inspection body can result in your company not being covered by insurance in the event that the item involved was neglected from an inspection.

Should the unspeakable happen, the company involved may be sued or fined heavily, this can also negatively impact on the persons involved in organising the inspections and maintenance.

Inspection is very important as a qualified engineer that has competent inspection skills will easily identify any abnormalities very quickly and efficiently while understanding the implications that the abnormality can cause. Much like a doctor for lifting gear the inspector can assess the required issue and recommend the steps to take in order to correct the problem, this may be just a minor replacement part such as a safety catch or something more complex that would require the company the scrap the item and replace it if the cost of repair is close to or outweighs a new item. Intense usage demands reliable products and requires more frequent inspection and replacement of spare parts or a total new item.

Hoist Repair Service

Our hoist repair service is second to none, with Ex stock of many hoist components and direct links with manufacturers we are sure to get you back into production quicker.

The Four Simple Steps:

  1. Contact our service department to arrange the collection of your hoist.
  2. Once at our works your hoist will assessed and a repair estimate is given.
  3. Payment can be taken by credit or debit card (and on account in some instances)
  4. Hoist Packaged & Returned to yourself fully operational.

The hoist repair service from Lifting Equipment Store; Simple, Practical, Affordable.

Gis Hoist in for repair

Gis Hoist in for repair

For more information on our Hoist Repair Service please contact a member of the sales team.