Mobile Cranes for Installing a Hot Tub!

So as life moves on you tend to buy different things, I for one enjoy a dip in a Hot Tub and decided that after much anticipation I would go ahead and get one, there was lots to consider, the size, where I would install it, what would my partner think? After all they are not cheap!


Hot Tub all rigged up! They lifted the tub using 2 x 3Tonne Webbing slings attached to another 2

The biggest issue was- how am I going to get it in to my back yard? The house is tall and there is no way of walking it round on trolleys. There was only one way, this also was not the cheapest, but we had no option and are glad to say everything went smoothly and swiftly.

Ainscough Crane Hire of Lancashire provided us with the most competitive price on the market for hire of a 35 Tonne crane with a lifting height of 44m, enough to get us over the house and in to the back yard, perfect. It was great to watch the crane do its thing as for being in the industry this was exciting for an engineering geek to see!

All plumed in and full up with water, it was time to add the chemicals and let it simmer, within 24 hours it was heated and ready for action, I had not seen myself so excited for years!

Crane Accidents- Russian Crane Collapse

Last month this crane collapsed about 2,000 miles away from Moscow in Russia. This rail mounted tower crane got caught up in some serious winds causing it to gain speed moving down the tracks and collapsing into a nine floor appartment block. Luckily nobody was injured however eight cars were smashed up in the process! This is a lesson to everyone in the lifting industry. Always take the necessary safety precautions (this includes checking the weather!) and risk assessment is vital.

Only in Russia would they continue to operate the other cranes after this had happend! (lol) It is suspected that the crane was not installed correctly- disastrous!

Collapsing Crane in Russia!

Collapsing Crane in Russia!

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