Container Handling Solutions

I get asked about container lifting solutions every day and which one is most suitable- to be honest it really depends on the application (Yes durrrr I know your lifting containers) but it does depend on how you wish to do it and what equipment and budget you have in mind.

For sure you can lift containers using a crane but its about what is between the container and crane that really matters to avoid damage to the load or improper rigging technique. Containers should be carefully lifted without tilting or tipping the load, this helps when also laying them down on the deck of a ship.

Types of container lifting solutions on todays market are:

  • Full container lifting frames- these are frames that are the same size as the container if you were looking down on it, these usually feature container lugs on all 4 lifting points which connect with the container a lock in to place at the command from the operator (or even automatically on more advanced equipment). By far the most common solution and there is only really need for one lifting frame per crane/hoist. Mostly used in dockside transport where the sides of containers cannot be accessed once they are stacked on a boat, creating the need for a ‘picking’ technique.
  • Container Lifting Lugs and Chain Slings- Very commonly used in small ports or in applications where the person rigging the crane can easily access the locking points for the lugs. There are two types of lugs, side lifting and top lifting- side lifting can only be used if there is clear access to the bottom sides of the containers where as top lifting lugs can be used in applications like loading and unloading from vessels alike the frame- lots cheaper however there is more work involved in attaching and removing the lugs before and after transport.
  • Mobile container handlers which look similar to a large forklift with a long reach container frame are often the choice for large ports where containers have to be transported on land to areas where cranes cannot reach. These tractor like machines are very powerful and can lift up to 45000kg which covers most container loads. 


Super Excellent Export

Export plays a big part of our business at Lifting Equipment Store, we export large quantities of lifting equipment every month to various repeat customers around the globe.

One of the things I have commonly experienced when ordering goods from abroad is that the suppliers do not package their pallets securely. This can lead to damaged goods and even missing goods, not ensuring your goods could cost you more than you expect and even if you do insure them if they are not packed correctly some insurance policies will be void. Even when you order UK to UK the packaging would not suffice any longer than overnight.

This is where we come in, before goods are shipped abroad when purchased from us we ensure that our export consignments are re-packed in suitable containers for export featuring tripple thick cardboard (or wooden containers), ISPM 15 Heat treated pallets (metal is also optional), All packing is re-enforced and wrapped. Then the boxes (or box) is banded and strapped to the pallet to ensure full security, after that the box/container is wrapped for extra protection and security.

We go the extra mile and ensure that your consignment is fully labelled and accompanied with the correct documentation: Packing list, Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Etc.

Check out how we packed this consignment of Lifting Equipment below. In this we have 80 x Container Lifting Lugs (2 layers), 20 x 7 Tonne Bow Shackles (1 layer), 20 x 7 Tonne Dee Shackles (1 Layer), 10 x Yale height safety kits with carrying cases (1 layer and extra two boxes on top). Weighing in at just over 1000kg (1 Tonne). It’s like wrapping a giant Lifting Equipment Christmas present!!….


Camlok Container Lifting Lugs for Export to the Middle East


Required for customs clearance in most countries now. Heat treated pallets ensure no wood contaminations make it into foreign countries.


Before being banded and wrapped…

pallet box

Fully banded and wrapped to support all sides and secure the load together, just to be labelled and relevant documentation attached. Total weight just over 1000kg (1 Tonne).