Training Courses

It is all good and well having a lifting equipment supplier, but do they know what they are talking about? Can they assist beyond the literature infront of them? We can…

Next month I will be attending training courses at Columbus McKinnon (Yale, Pfaff, Steerman, Lodestar etc.) and Lift Turn Move to learn even more about the products we sell and to get a ‘hands on’ experience with some of the more technical products such as electric chain hoists.

You can be sure that we keep lifting standards with our ever growing product knowledge and experience combined with our yearly audited ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance certification.

I will blog a few images and lines to show readers that we do attend training courses to raise standards and product awareness.

Swing Jib Cranes

Lifting Equipment Store are proud to announce that we are now quoting for brand new Demag swing jib cranes.

Our jib crane systems are of the highest German manufactured quality with safe working loads up to 1 Ton (or more on request). Our Demag jib cranes are a necessity in the 21st century production line, lifting components is made easy while dual speed controls help raise and lower goods and components with precision. For ultimate control we recommend a Demag jib crane with the addition of a Demag Manulift Electric Chain Hoist.

Demag Jib Crane

We have nationwide engineers that are certified to install, test and certify your new jib crane or jib cranes! We are also proud of our competitive installation prices.

Our Demag jib cranes feature ultra low resistance trolleys to make operation of your jib crane a breeze, helping keep your workers happy and maintain a faster production pace.

For a competitive quotation for a jib crane please contact Lifting Equipment Store.

Electric Hoists

Our aim is to supply a hoist that will last a good working life, not a hoist that was imported from a unknown manufacturer, we only supply hoists that we are official approved dealers for. All of our electric chain hoists are tested and certified before being despatched.

We are approved suppliers for the following manufacturers:

My personal favourite brand is Stahl Electric Chain Hoists, they never let me down, short lead times and competitive prices, this German manufacturer knows quality.

For specialist applications, heavy duty use and great for production lines, i fully stand behind Demag chain hoists.

Need a brand you can trust? Need spares on demand? For this we recommend Yale electric chain hoists or Lodestar electric chain hoists, both manufactured by huge American company; Columbus McKinnon.

If you are an Italian Stallion and require a competitively priced hoist that will provide long lasting service and quality, Donati electric chain hoists are the one.

Choosing a hoist can be like choosing a car, firstly the brand, then to decide on the specification and optional extra’s, for more information and help on purchasing an electric chain hoist, contact Lifting Equipment Store.

Jib Cranes Explained

Lets use our imagination a little here, So you’ve got a manufacturing facility where for example you are loading large objects into a lathe that cannot be lifted by hand, you need a lifting solution. The best lifting solution for such a job?….A Jib Crane.


Jib cranes are floor or wall mounted cranes that can lift loads usually up to 5000kg (5TON) depending on the model. They have the ability to slew 360 degrees (motorized or manual). The usual setup is a combination of the jib crane and an electric or hand chain hoist on a push or electric travel beam trolley that runs along the Jib’s arm.

Buyers can customize their Jib cranes to suit their application such as arm length, Jib height, electric or manual slew, wall or floor mounted, articulated jib, over braced or under braced arms (detailed below), hoist specifications such as dual or single speed hoisting, maximum safe working load, the list goes on.

Over-braced or Under-braced? That is the question.

As a sales executive I am always asked by customers “what do you recommend?” I can recommend that you measure the headroom above the Jib arm, over braced means that the jib arm is supported by a support above the Jib arm, this increases the overall height of the Jib (but does not increase the height of the Jib arm itself). Under braced is where the Jib arm is supported from underneath, thus saving headroom where needs be. Alternatively if you have a wall nearby a Jib can easily be mounted using the correct fittings and bolted to the wall (providing the wall is strong enough) This is usually the most cost effective option if you are so lucky as to have a wall just where you require the crane.

Images below show the different supports you can specify when purchasing.



Crane Handling (lifting equipment store’s sister company) have been supplying Jib cranes to the industry for over 30 years, they have trained and certified engineers that can fit a Jib crane in a matter of hours and leave your workspace neat and tidy. Even if your floor is super solid Crane Handling have access to special diamond drills to complete the task ahead, we can supply a full solution to your lifting requirements.

In just as little as 6 weeks Crane Handling could be installing a Donati Jib Crane (or alternative manufacturers such as Abus, Demag, etc.) at your premises, making your workers job easier and your company safer and more efficient.

Electric Chain Hoists and Stage Rigging

Safety should never ever be compromised when it comes to lifting, but when it comes to lifting in areas where the load is positioned over members of the public’s heads then safety is a majorly high priority. Lifting regulations state that hoists must be rated to perform lifts above people to ensure the loads could not fall and cause the un-thinkable. These hoists maybe far from cheap but what really are you getting for your money? Probably not a Imagelot more than a few modifications to the slipping clutch etc. and re-assurance to the mind, this can be in some peoples eyes a waste of money, but without using the correct hoist you are breaking the law and if the load/ hoist lands on someones head then the responsibility lands on yours, and this is never something you want to deal with.

The Verlinde Stagemaker inverted (upside down) hoists where the motor is hooked to the load and the hoist climbs the load chain in order to reach its highest point, this hoist is said to be a great piece of kit and it can be controlled in a number of ways such as direct control or low voltage control using external control units or via low voltage pendant controls sometimes referred to as a pickle.

All in all if you are operating loads over heads of people then the correct equipment should be used, you should never take the risk of using equipment that is not rated for the purpose of application. To find out more on electric chain hoists visit Lifting Equipment Store.

Electric Chain Hoists

While working in the industry i have herd many people discussing about how they feel the process to aquire an electric chain hoist is more than its worth. This is not true, there are not many useful chain hoist guides out there on the internet however i have found a couple that are quite informative. These will be listed at the end of my blog post.

Mounting: An electric chain hoist can be suspended in a number of different ways. This can be by a top hook on the hoist unit that easily attached to a beam clamp (static) or a beam travelling trolley (for horizontal transport along I beams.) Some unit’s have a suspension eye, this is similar to a shackle, just designed for purpose.

Height of Lift: EASY! How far is it from your load’s level to the hoisting unit? Always give this in meters. This will determine the length of the load chain and if applicable, the hand chain (usually for geared trolleys)

Safe Working Load: What is the maximum weight of lift? Always quote this in Kg. 1 Tonne is equal to 1,000kg so that keeps things pretty simple.

Duty cycle is nothing you should worry about, just inform the supplier of when and how long the unit will be used for and they will do the rest.

There are a few other simple questions and answers that are detailed on this electric chain hoist jargon buster.

Another great site to check out for information and sales is Friendly staff and simple non-techie advice.

CPV/F Model Electric Chain Hoist by Yale.