Lifting Shackles Types And Varieties

Lifting shackles are designed to provide a closed connection of two components for lifting, pulling and loads as well as connecting components together in rigs. This is usually up to 1,200 Tonnes.

Shackles are manufactured in several different types and sizes, here are a few examples:

Dee Shackles- a ‘D’ shaped shackle featured a slim design with smooth bow and can be purchased with or without a safety locking nut to secure the screw pin in place to prevent tampering or any accidental movement. Options include extended long Dee Shackles as well as many sizes and capacities.

Stainless Steel Dee Shackle

Stainless Steel Dee Shackle

Bow Shackles- the same principle featuring a wider bow to provide extra flexibility with increased surface area on accessories such as slings. Also available in an array of different sizes.

Stainless Steel Bow Shackle

Stainless Steel Bow Shackle

Budget Economy Shackles- these are still manufactured to the correct safety standards as well as being certified to the working load limit as purchased. Economy shackles are cost effective and ideal for non aggressive use.

Premium Brand Shackles such as Green Pin lifting shackles are manufactured from the best quality materials and feature the signature green screw pin. Ideal for more intense work and long term use such as the hire industry.

Stainless Steel Shackles are perfectly suited to outdoor applications where the environment is particularly corrosive such as offshore where sea salt quickly corrodes unprotected material.

There are so many types of Lifting Shackle on today’s market to suit nearly every shackling requirement that could engrave planet earth! There are even Lifting Shackles designed for the theatre industry, coated in a black finish to prevent reflection of light in order to remain subtle.

Used Cranes For Sale

With budgets being squeezed every year it gets harder and harder for a company’s purchasing department to justify brand new purchases of large plant and machinery equipment.

This is why Crane Handling moved into the Used Cranes market around 7 years ago. Diversifying from manufacturing of brand new cranes to fabrication adjustments and refurbishment of used cranes. Used Cranes are very popular among companies big or small looking to save money in order to meet their budget for the year.

To give you an idea of how much can really be saved take this large crane as an example:

A new 600Tonne Gantry Crane 120m Span 80m Height of Lift price new is around £20Million, price ‘used’ with under 5 hours usage £8Million. As you can see, there are BIG savings to be made on used cranes. This crane would have a lead time of 2 years to manufacture, we have it Ex Stock!

Used Cranes big or small carry many advantages over new such as:

  • Ex Stock- installation within 7 days on some used cranes
  • Custom Fabrication- many do not realise that used cranes can be adjusted to suit your requirements.
  • No need to extract new raw materials- saving the world, now you can really feel good.
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • View before you buy, something you can never do with new.

The list could continue but I just wanted to outline the basics, Crane Handling have a huge range of Used Cranes and Used Overhead Cranes for sale with stock held in the Midlands ready for viewing.