Overhead Crane Accident- Always Service Your Crane

Three men were injured and one crushed to death by overhead crane accident in Arkansas Nuclear One Plant in April 2013.

This is ultimately the responsibility of the company who service the crane who have not been named.

Overhead Crane Collapse

It is important to correctly maintain your overhead crane in order to prevent breakdowns and unnecessary repairs and in some cases like this; fatal accidents.

On this occasion the gantry appears to have snapped, this could be due to a number of factors such as overload, poor engineering, poort maintenance etc.

Safety should never be compromised when lifting and handling heavy loads, UK law and LOLER require cranes to be serviced on a regular basis.


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Buying Used Overhead Cranes

New cranes are one thing, but used are another. When buying a new crane times can be tough, and what business is not on a budget these days? So ask yourself; Why would you buy new when you can buy used (and in mint condition) at a fraction of the price? You wouldn’t providing your specification does not require new, and this is what many well established firms that require cranes are doing.

Crane Handling have supplied top Nuclear power plants, large logistics companies and various production plants with used cranes at a fraction of the cost of a new crane. Another positive advantage is that these gantry cranes are in stock and can be installed in just one day.


If refurbished cranes have been deemed suitable for a high risk nuclear environment then a standard environment poses no issues, second hand cranes are ideal for all!

Not only do Crane Handling supply and install used overhead cranes but they also test and certify the equipment to ensure it is fit for purpose. This is documented accordingly to Loler requirements.

Newly refurbished cranes can provide ultimate financial flexibility with payment plans and due to the significantly lower prices than new cranes this can free up and allow access to additional funds in your budget that a new overhead crane would have unnecessarily used.

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